Brake Repairs in Geelong

Your brakes keep you safe—but only if they work well. Make sure you take care of your brakes so that they can take care of you. If you need brake repairs in Geelong, come to Balyang Motors for great service at a fair, affordable price.

Choose Affordable, Convenient and High-Quality Work

Balyang Motors has served Geelong since 1978. Our team of five has over 60 years in combined experience in the auto industry, which means that we know how to quickly diagnose and repair your brake issues.

Whether you need a repair, a replacement or just some maintenance, Balyang Motors can get the job done. We know that our customers are busy people, so we do our best to complete our work quickly without compromising on quality. If you drop your car off with us first thing in the morning, we can often finish your service in about half a day.

To make sure that our customers always know exactly what they’re paying for, we give quotes for each job before we start. Additionally, if we find a part in your car that needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ll always ask your permission first before starting work on it. We want you to be in control of your money and your property.

Trust Balyang Motors

Balyang Motors is a family business. We were founded by cousins Jim and John Devlin, and we’re currently owned by the original owners’ sons, Rob and Craig Devlin. Our small business offers personalised attention to each customer.

To schedule brake repairs with us in Geelong, call us on 5222 1788. We can answer your questions and give you a quote for your repair. If you do choose us for your brake repair, you can enjoy a 30-day warranty on our work. We hope to see you in our shop soon.