LPG Conversions in Geelong

Balyang Motors has been performing LPG conversions on cars, light commercial vehicles and utes to for decades in Newtown Geelong. We are Automative Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB) registered and an authorised Sprint Gas Automotive LPG Equipment installer.

If you are considering and LPG conversion then ponder these facts

With LPG your car is worth more.

Used car market indicators suggest that vehciles on LPG are worth at resale than their petrol equivalants. One Melbourne dealer says that interest in LPG powered cards has “skyrocketed”. Source www.aafrb.com.au

With LPG your car lasts longer.

Because it burns cleaner than petrol, LPG deposits less carbon on spark plugs and combustion chambers. In some cases, plugs and engine oil are changed less often and your car needs fewer services. In cold starts, LPG causes far less engine wear because it does not wash lubricating oil from the cyclinder wall.  Source www.aafrb.com.au

LPG can pay for itself within two years.

With the Federal Government rebate of $1000 and fuel savings of a further $1250 per year, your LPG conversion will pay for itself in less than two years. After that, it’s all plain saving. Source www.aafrb.com.au

Paying for your LPG Conversion

Balyang Motors can put you in contact with Sprint Gas who offer a no interest payment plan .


Sprint Gas AutoGas System Warranty

When your vehicle has been converted to AutoGAS & Petrol operation with a Sprint Gas (Aust) Pty Ltd AutoGAS System, in accordance with Australian Standard, AS 1425, you can be assured that all the components of your Sprint Gas AutoGAS System are manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. The Australian Standards for AutoGAS are the highest quality and most stringent standards in the world.

The components used in your Sprint Gas AutoGAS System are the most technologically advanced and finest quality available for their purpose and with proper use & maintenance, will reward you with many thousands of trouble free, environmentally friendly, economical and safe kilometers.

The Warranty Period applicable for brand new vehicles and vehicles built from 2004 onwards is 3 years (36 months) or 100,000km, whichever event occurs first. For vehicles built prior to 2004, the Warranty Period applicable is 2 years (24 months) or 50,000km, whichever event occurs first. The Warranty Period for new and used vehicles extends to any change of ownership.

For more information about the warranty please contact Balyang Motors on 5222 1788 or email balyangmotors@bigpond.com